Saturday, March 28, 2009

Old Parties (lydia)

Lydia has only had 2 birthdays but she has had 6 b-day parties. Her b-day is so close to Christmas that we celebrate in Nebraska with Eric's family while visiting for Thanksgiving, then we celebrate at home without friends and lastly we celebrate in Terre Haute with my family when we are there for an early Christmas.

Her first b-day was ladybug themed, for her Neb party we ordered a cake from the grocery store and she opened a few presents.

For her home party, I made little mini ladybugs cupcakes. They were Dark chocolate cake with cherry filling and creme cheese icing. they were amazing!! I also made a bunch of homemade candy, including peanut butter balls and white chocolate bark! We had chocolate chip cookies with red and black M&Ms.
I was lucky to find little ladybug cellophane bags and I spent a ton of time seperating black M&Ms from Halloween and red ones from Christmas M&Ms, each kid went home with stickers, a lady bug picture frame craft, the M&Ms, and other candy and treats and the girls went home with cute lady bug hairclips.
I had a lot of fun with the Cricut for this party too, there were ladybug everywhere!!
(Lindsay really enjoyed her red iced cupcake)

Terre Haute party, Gradma made the adorable lady bug cake and we had some more lady bug cupcakes and different candies from her Decatur party. Grandma made her her own little mini lady bug complete with antennae!

Here 2nd set of 3 parties have already been posted, here are the 3 links to her sock hop party.
I will say that to date the Sock Hop was my favorite party, but maybe Wizard of Oz will dethrone the 50's!!

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Sara F. said...

LOVE the ladybugs! You have changed so much since last year. I didn't even realize how much until I saw these pictures! Way to go!