Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wizard of Oz Party

I am having a blast planning Lindsay's 5th b-day party. Yes, I know it is 4 months away. But she picked the theme a long time ago and to be a little frugal I start planning these things far in advance. I am quite blessed that the girls b-day's are far enough apart that I can spend loads of time on each kid.

We are doing a Wizard of Oz theme. She is OBSSESSED with Dorothy. It all started with McDonald's Happy Meal toys and we collected the first set of 8 of Wiz of Oz. Then we found some shoes at a Thrift Store and then McD's had a set of 12 toys, so of course we had to have those too.

After that whenever we saw something Dorothy Lindsay had to have it! So now I am in the throes of planning her party.

I have thousands of ideas bebopping around in my head and if you have any please feel free to share. Right now I cant decide what invite I want to use, I am making several prototypes and hopefully will post them for your critique soon. I am praying that they wont take as long as Lydia's! But Lindsay has more friends so I have to make more invites... eek!

I think, in order to keep new posts that I might make a post of some of our old parties :D

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