Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Party!

We had our pumpkin carving party on Wednesday October 29th. Our baby group and 2 neighbors came and brought their kids in costumes and a pumpkin to carve!

The dads had loads of fun using the carving stencils and trying to end up with the best pumpkin at the end of the night!

The younger kids got in on the action by painting some tiny gourds and mini pumpkins!

Everyone had a great time and went home with full bellies and cute pumpkins.
Here is the whole Boo Crew in their cute costumes, we were super safe with 3 Spidermen in attendance!

Everyone carving or painting their pumpkins, I think the garage might smell like pumpkins forever!

Our finished ghosty pumpkin!

A couple of snacks, cake balls dressed like pumpkins, oreo balls and cookie dough balls!

Ghosty brownies, forgive his droopy eyes it was a long night :D

Boo at the Zoo

On Monday, Oct 27th my mom brought my 4 neices and nephews in to Decatur so that we could head to Boo at the Zoo at Scovill. My aunt, cousin and their friend Daisy came along as well.

First it was really darn cold that night! So a lot of the kids' costumes couldnt really be seen due to their winter coats, hats and mittens!
Here is the whole gang, Unicorn (Lindsay), Alice in Wonderland (Sydney), Bunny (Will), Witch (jessica) and Cookie Monster (Lydia).
Everyone heading into the zoo!
A Frozen Cookie monster!

Brent, who is far too grown up to dress up!
Unicorn, Bunny and Alice all very cold, but excited to get their treats!

First Date

Okay, daddy didnt like when I called it that, but I am sticking to my guns, becasue what else would you call watching a movie and eating snacks with a boy :D

Kelli took Linds and Nicholas to their churches Halloween Bash. The kids got to hunt for the treat bags and then had yummy snacks and watched Monsters INC.
Here are Lindsay in a costume from her dress-up box since her real costume is too hot for an indoor party!

Here she is with her date Optimus Prime, aka Nicholas!

Halloween Haunted Gingerbread Houses

Alright, my friend Kelli and I are a tad on the crazy side. Every now and again we subject our kids to the things just in order to have adorable picture oppurtunities. We thought the kids would have a blast decorating these gingerbread houses and they did, but we didnt exactly count on how dirty they'd get eating the icing!

Here are the 4 kidlets with their houses ready to be decorated!

BFF's Lindsay, Nicholas, Lydia and Ashlyn

Here they are really getting into the icing and candies!

Lydia had a blast spreading on the icing!

Such little artists!

I am not sure if Lydia and Ashlyn put more icing on their house or in their mouths!

The final boo-tiful products!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Take Two

Alright I warned you that it was coming. We went to Black Bart's Pumpkin Patch yesterday with some friends from Baby Group.

The girls had a great time, I decided to take Linds and Lyds through the corn maze, who knew it was so darn big, we were gone a long time.

Lyds did a great job posing, she has recently learned to say "Cheeeeeeese" or something such as that and it is hilarious, unfortunately she is getting that cheesy toddler grin to go along with it.
We came home with a bag of mini gourds and 3 more pumpkins, (one is green and so cool) they will come in handy when we have our party next week.

Here are some pics :D

Friday, October 17, 2008

Visiting Peoria!

Our good friends moved from the big D to the big P (peoria) and we miss them tons, well 2 times a year Eric has a Raquetball Tournie in Peoria so we used it as a great excuse to spend the weekend with them!

It was tons of fun, and lucky me when they had a previous engagement I got to head to several stores we dont have (including Michaels, an awesome scrap store... scrapadoodle, and the girls got to go to Build a Bear and get an outfit for their animals).

The girls had so much fun being together again, they have been missing each other terribly. They were super excited to see each other and they had a great weekend!

Here are some darling pics of the princesses!

Plus one of cutie patootie Zach sleeping in his swing!

Pumpkin Patch Take One

This is only take one because we are going at least 2 more times, this time we went with my mom, my grandmother and my aunt, plus Linds and Lyds and my 2 nieces, 2 nephews, my aunt's little grand daughter and my cousin's 13 year old son.

Anyway, my mom had the nerve to say "Are you bringing your camera?" Well my friend Kelli said "Does your mom even know you, you always have your camera."

Maybe it's true, but I dont want to miss that perfect kodak moment!

We went to THe Great Pumpkin Patch in Arthur, IL, if you have never been and live near enough GO, it is super fun and they have millions of gourds. Plus Martha Stewart had them on her show.

Here are some fun pics!!

Here is the whole gang, minus me (Of course I am behind the camera)

Here's me and the LMMs!

Everyone (except Lyds) sitting on a giant pumpkin!

Lyds with her pumpkin of choice!

This is Linds and her fav Cousin Jessica, Jessica is our little mother hen, she takes care of all the kids and makes trips much more relaxing for the rest of us.

Brent and grandma, such a cute boy, I wonder how much longer he will pose with his grandma!

I just thought this was too sweet!

Here's my baby, she was looking through the fence at goats but I zoomed in on her sweet little face!

Here are all these girls, Syd, Lyd, Jess, Eva and Linds. They are on the smallest bench and I dont think Syd was enjoying the limited seating.

These are some of my fav pics, to get Lyds to smile my aunt was acting like a loon, but I appreciated just for the little grin she made Lyds have!! Plus these pics of big sis Lindsay pulling our wagon of pumpkins and Lyds are too cute!

Here are some pics of my little sales girls!

These are not the greatest pics, the sun was right in their faces. THey are still cute though!!

Here are a couple of pics of the garage full of stuff, now this is on day 3, and still there is a boat load of stuff.