Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The pictures that may never be...

So a week ago I had pic appts but then Linds got the facial injury and they had to be cancelled. I rescheduled and we were all set to go and then yesterday at the b-day party Lyds started to get a bit snotty (allergies I am sure) but then she does that toddler snot rubbing thing and rubbed the goobie goobs in her eyes and now she is all gunky eyed.

So once again I had to cancel the pics, maybe by the time Lindsay turns 12 I will have successfully made it to the portrait studio... ugh.

Linds is 4!!!

Well Linds turned 4 on Sunday and I really can't believe it, they really do grow up too fast. And honestly there are days I think she must be 14 and not 4, the other day she knocked her sister down and said "Oh Dammit", she got a short/sweet talking too and so did daddy and mommy seeing as she had to have heard it from one of us. Could have been worse I suppose.

Anyway, her Care Bear party was yesterday, it has been on the horizon since we were shopping for Lyds party in December. The party went well and we had a great turn out, the weather however was beastly hot and humid so we stayed inside and played.

My mom made the awesome Birthday bear cake and Lindsay had a blast blowing out the candles. She wanted a GI-HUGIC piece of cake and all she managed to do was eat the icing off of it.

We played a really fun game of "pin the cupcake on birthday bear' I made the bear and cupcakes with my cricut :D We also played pass the parcel (my good friend Amelia taught us that one) and used Care bear music. I also made hair clippies for all the little girls, shrinky dinks Rock!!

She got all sorts of awesome gifts, but her Daddy's special gift was a Dora tennis racket. He seems to think we have the next Venus and Serena on our hands and if we do that would be sweeeeet!

So now I have 4.5 months to figure out if I want to do a 50's sock hop or a Circus theme for Lyds. I just dont know yet, on one hand I can totally see Lyds and Linds rockin' the poodle skirts but on the other hand circus stuff is too cute.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Clutzy Girls

Okay, my mom is totally thinking that they get their clutziness from me and maybe they do, but man I have it harder than my mom. She only had clutzy me, my brother was far more coordinated, and sadly both my girls are severely lacking in the grace dept.

This week for example... we go to the Drs office for a check up and a looksie at a funky bug bite on Lyds, well Linds is running around like almost 4 year olds do (can you believe that, almost 4) an she trips over my foot and SLAMS her face into the side of a metal framed chair. Her little eye starts to swell shut and she has a massive bruise on her face. Well the Dr sends us off to the hospital for x-rays. I didnt think we needed them, but I am sure he wanted to be cautious so I couldn't come back later and blame him for her face being deformed or something. She was fine, a real champ at X-RAYS. Well she should be seeing as this was her 3rd set of head/facial x-rays.

Of course it happened on the worst day, we had pictures scheduled that had to be cancelled, I DO NOT want my kid to looked abused in her b-day pics.

She is healing nicely and I was prepared to get a new pic appt and then today, Lyds takes a header into the door frame and has a bruise line down her nose and perpendicular to her lip, she looks terrible.

Man I know my mom didnt have it quite this rough with little ol' me.