Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Linds is 4!!!

Well Linds turned 4 on Sunday and I really can't believe it, they really do grow up too fast. And honestly there are days I think she must be 14 and not 4, the other day she knocked her sister down and said "Oh Dammit", she got a short/sweet talking too and so did daddy and mommy seeing as she had to have heard it from one of us. Could have been worse I suppose.

Anyway, her Care Bear party was yesterday, it has been on the horizon since we were shopping for Lyds party in December. The party went well and we had a great turn out, the weather however was beastly hot and humid so we stayed inside and played.

My mom made the awesome Birthday bear cake and Lindsay had a blast blowing out the candles. She wanted a GI-HUGIC piece of cake and all she managed to do was eat the icing off of it.

We played a really fun game of "pin the cupcake on birthday bear' I made the bear and cupcakes with my cricut :D We also played pass the parcel (my good friend Amelia taught us that one) and used Care bear music. I also made hair clippies for all the little girls, shrinky dinks Rock!!

She got all sorts of awesome gifts, but her Daddy's special gift was a Dora tennis racket. He seems to think we have the next Venus and Serena on our hands and if we do that would be sweeeeet!

So now I have 4.5 months to figure out if I want to do a 50's sock hop or a Circus theme for Lyds. I just dont know yet, on one hand I can totally see Lyds and Linds rockin' the poodle skirts but on the other hand circus stuff is too cute.

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