Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Crafts

So cute little Halloween decorated gums (all Trident) for the girls to give to their classes on Halloween.

Dracula, Spider, Pumpkin, Witch's Cauldron, Pirate, One eyed Monster, BOO, Mummy, Vampire Bat, Frankenstien, Ghost, Werewolf and Witch.

Four little coffins that will be filled with candy, each girl has 2 teachers (1 teacher and 1 helper) . The girls picked their papers and will deliver these on Halloween. The coffins are paper mache and came 3 nesting sizes to a pack from Michaels. On sale they were $3.xx, not too bad for 3 coffins with lids.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Littlest PEt Shop Birthday Party

Lindsay's turning 7!!!!!

Well it's only been one year since I last blogged. I think I only like to blog about my kids birthday parties :D
Lindsay wanted a party this year that was all about Littlest Pet Shop. I had to come up with some kind of inviation, I used photoshop a lot for this party. I started by creating this invite using images from google and a pic of Lindsay in her pet shop dress.
I found a really good deal on for the plates/napkins/empty goodie bags/blowers/bracelets/table cloth for $24.
I also found this super attractive skirt at a thrift store, it fit so Lindsay begged me to buy it and this will be the one and only time it is ever worn!
Here are the things in the goodie bags. I added some candy and found the cutest necklaces on etsy. This pic shows the penguin necklace. They are epoxied bottlecaps and were just about $2. Adorable.
I also made Pet shop hair clips, crazy daisys, using pet shop pencil toppers.
Coming up with snacks was loads of fun. I found these adorable pet food bowls at WM for 97cents each. They were such bright and happy colors that I knew they were perfect for our LPS table. I also made little labels using Photoshop and made up cute names for the snacks.
We had goldfish crackers, licorice, puppy chow, carrots, banana chips and ranch dip (not pictured/or named)
I made cute cookies, they were bright paw prints, patterned dog bones and number 7's.
I put some on sticks and wrapped them for the girls to take home for a snack later.
I also found the cutest chocolate mold at Michael's from Wilton. It had the mouths of a puppy, a bunny and a pig. When you hold the stick up to your face it makes you look like that animal. Adorable. These were packaged for the girls to take home as well.
This was my first time ever making a cake for one of my girls. My mom always does them and we recently moved far away and she can no longer do them. lindsay really wanted a tiered cake so I used an 8 inch round and a 6 inch round. At Michael's we found these animal print tattoos from the Ace of Cakes line. We also used a LPS cake topper we found at the party store. I wrote on a sugar cookie instead of directly onto the cake. Then just stuck the stick into the cake.
Here is the table with all the goodies!

We also had games.

I created 8 unique bingo cards using photoshop and google images. They used goldfish crackers as their cover-ups.
We also played a game called "What am I?" they had to guess what LPS character they were by asking yes or no questions, I stapled the pictures to their hats and later we switched about a few times and they seemed to enjoy guessing what they were.
To finish up each girl adopted their own LPS pet. Each girl got a take out box and decorated it with LPS stickers, foam stickers and crayons.
I had each take-out box marked with a sticker and each animal was assigned a matching sticker on their bottom.
Each girl got a little adoption certificate that we filled out before snapping a picture.
It was a lot of fun and I am sure the birthday girl had a great time!!!