Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snowy Day

We havent had much in the way of snow yet this year, I am sure our time is coming and I look forward to one big snow, just one anything over that is just overkill, I mean really one big snow gives me the chance for cute pics and then it can be spring.

Anyway, we got a little snow, just over an inch and the girls wanted to play. It took about 30 mins to bundle them up in snow suits, coats, 2 pair of socks, boots, 2 pair of gloves, hats and scarves. Thankfully once the bundling was done no one said "I need to potty".

We headed out into the freezing cold, at this point it was about 10*, as I sit typing this today it is like -9* (with a -29 windchill) so 10* is like a heat wave!

There certainly wasn't enough snow for a snowman, so Lindsay made a snow "castle" to me it looked like a snow lump, but her imagination is better than mine I guess.

After a bit the neighbor girls, Natalie and Gabby got home and they played with us as well.

Then we came in and made yummy marshmallow laden cocoa.

Scariest Post ever!

Lydia learned to make a scary face, not sure where she picked it up, I have a suspicion that Lindsay taught her.

It is so funny, she runs around the house growling and making this terribly frightening face.

Prepare yourself, hold onto your seats, you are about to find out that fear is real!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cool Contest

If you are a scrapper and have heard of Project 365, you may know that this kit is sold out, way out.

Well this blogger,, is kind enough to be giving away her 2nd kit, you can enter to win at the above link!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A couple of scrapbook pages :D

Here are a few layouts I recently did. I actually scanned a few more but havent stitched them together yet.

I used stuff from my stash and nothing new :D The little silver circle in the upper left says precious, but it didnt scan well the hearts say Lydia Mae and Sweet Girl.

This is an interview I did with Lindsay, basically asking all sorts of questions and putting her answers on the shapes. She wrote her own name.

Linds and her best pal at the orchard.


I came up with a couple of resolutions this year. I am really going to try hard to lose around 10 more lbs, I am about 28 down from when I got pregnant with Lindsay, so that is awesome, but I'd like to lose that last ten, we'll see how that goes :D

My other resolution is much harder to keep I think, I am challenging myself to do 1 scrapbook page or 7 a week, in case I miss a day, but get 2 done another day. Also, part of this challenge is using the supplies I have and not buying new stuff for at least a few months! I did have to break down and buy some paper, I was completely out of light pink because as the mom of 2 girls light pink is often used :D

Hopefully I will have some layouts to share, if I work up the desire to scan the darn things and stitch them together!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Zebra Fun

Last year Lydia got this bouncy Zebra for Christmas and she was too small to do it until recently, pretty sad huh, to have a toy for a year and not really get the full benefit of it! Well she is making up for that now, she loves this thing and will sneak upstairs to play with it, lucky for me it is really, really loud and I always know where to find her!

Trip to Build a Bear and Springfield

Kelli and I decided to head to Build a Bear in Springfield with all 5 kids for Lydia and Ashlyn's birthdays, Lydia is 2 days old than Ashlyn. And Kelli's b-day falls right between the girls! Because of these Christmasy b-days we wanted to do something special!

First we had an uber-fun drive in crappy weather to Springfield, but we got there and had a nice lunch at O'Charleys and then headed to the mall..

Linds and Nic built the boy moose and Lindsay dressed hers in Christmasy pjs and Nicholas' was a super hero! ON the same token Lydia and Ashlyn built the girl moose and all four mooses sing "Jinglebell Rock", Lydia's was wearing an elf outfit and Ashlyn's was a princess!

Even Abbi D got in on the action and built a puppy!

Piece of advice, if you ever like the yearly Christmas animal at BAB wait until around the 15th or so, as the drop in price a lot! Instead of $18 a moose and $4 a sound it was $12 a moose and $1 a sound, so that was cool!

After the BAB we headed over to the carousel and the kids loved that! Then they saw Santa, but there arent any pics of that :D

We have decided to go again every year to make the girls' b-days a little more special!