Monday, January 5, 2009

Trip to Build a Bear and Springfield

Kelli and I decided to head to Build a Bear in Springfield with all 5 kids for Lydia and Ashlyn's birthdays, Lydia is 2 days old than Ashlyn. And Kelli's b-day falls right between the girls! Because of these Christmasy b-days we wanted to do something special!

First we had an uber-fun drive in crappy weather to Springfield, but we got there and had a nice lunch at O'Charleys and then headed to the mall..

Linds and Nic built the boy moose and Lindsay dressed hers in Christmasy pjs and Nicholas' was a super hero! ON the same token Lydia and Ashlyn built the girl moose and all four mooses sing "Jinglebell Rock", Lydia's was wearing an elf outfit and Ashlyn's was a princess!

Even Abbi D got in on the action and built a puppy!

Piece of advice, if you ever like the yearly Christmas animal at BAB wait until around the 15th or so, as the drop in price a lot! Instead of $18 a moose and $4 a sound it was $12 a moose and $1 a sound, so that was cool!

After the BAB we headed over to the carousel and the kids loved that! Then they saw Santa, but there arent any pics of that :D

We have decided to go again every year to make the girls' b-days a little more special!

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