Monday, December 22, 2008

Final 2nd birthday party!

Every year (well for the last two years, but every year in the future) Lyd's final party will be after we celebrate after my family's Christmas.

My mom took Wilton classes at Michaels and has become quite the cake decorator.

She made Lyd's cake this year and it turned out so cute! I will tell you though that she had to amputate Barbie's legs to fit her in the cake and said "I dont know how Jeffery Dahmer did it"

The girls wore their poodle skirts for the third time and mom made Jess and Syd their own skirts and Brent and Will got all gussied up Greaser Style! Brent even went so far as to grease his hair back and broke out his leather jacket! They all looked great! Mike even found candy ciggarettes (I dont know if I spelled that right)for the boys to fold up in their sleeves!
Lyd opened more presents and half way through she left, I checked on her and she said "Bed". Poor kid wanted a nap more than presents! She did finish opening and believe it or not, right after she got her second wind and wouldnt nap for anything!

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Lizz Porter said...

Cute cute cute cute! I can't believe she's 2 already! Good gracious, time flies!
(And re: your last comment on my blog, we have the Where the Wild Things Are ornament! My mom got it for Max!)