Saturday, December 20, 2008

Birthday Party take 1

Okay, if you know me you probably know I am less than thrilled to have a child whose b-day falls close to Christmas. My mother-in-law swears that Lyd will grow up fine, seeing as she and Lyd have the same b-day.
Because of her b-day's date I think I always go above and beyond to make her b-day special, she gets 3 parties. One in Nebraska with her aunts, grandparents and a few family friends. Then she has 2 more to look forward too.

We ordered her cake from a local grocery store and eventhough this is a small party, I do like to keep it with the same theme as her big at home bash. I ordered a cake that copied a High School Musical cake and changed the colors to pink and black instead of red and yellow, it could have turned into a cake wreck ( very easily and luckily it didnt. Lydia was very proud of her cake and it shows in her "I am so excited I am going to dive into this whole cake face first" smile.

The girls got to don their poodle skirts for the first time, didnt their grandma do a fab job making them!

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