Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snowy Day

We havent had much in the way of snow yet this year, I am sure our time is coming and I look forward to one big snow, just one anything over that is just overkill, I mean really one big snow gives me the chance for cute pics and then it can be spring.

Anyway, we got a little snow, just over an inch and the girls wanted to play. It took about 30 mins to bundle them up in snow suits, coats, 2 pair of socks, boots, 2 pair of gloves, hats and scarves. Thankfully once the bundling was done no one said "I need to potty".

We headed out into the freezing cold, at this point it was about 10*, as I sit typing this today it is like -9* (with a -29 windchill) so 10* is like a heat wave!

There certainly wasn't enough snow for a snowman, so Lindsay made a snow "castle" to me it looked like a snow lump, but her imagination is better than mine I guess.

After a bit the neighbor girls, Natalie and Gabby got home and they played with us as well.

Then we came in and made yummy marshmallow laden cocoa.

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