Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Take One

This is only take one because we are going at least 2 more times, this time we went with my mom, my grandmother and my aunt, plus Linds and Lyds and my 2 nieces, 2 nephews, my aunt's little grand daughter and my cousin's 13 year old son.

Anyway, my mom had the nerve to say "Are you bringing your camera?" Well my friend Kelli said "Does your mom even know you, you always have your camera."

Maybe it's true, but I dont want to miss that perfect kodak moment!

We went to THe Great Pumpkin Patch in Arthur, IL, if you have never been and live near enough GO, it is super fun and they have millions of gourds. Plus Martha Stewart had them on her show.

Here are some fun pics!!

Here is the whole gang, minus me (Of course I am behind the camera)

Here's me and the LMMs!

Everyone (except Lyds) sitting on a giant pumpkin!

Lyds with her pumpkin of choice!

This is Linds and her fav Cousin Jessica, Jessica is our little mother hen, she takes care of all the kids and makes trips much more relaxing for the rest of us.

Brent and grandma, such a cute boy, I wonder how much longer he will pose with his grandma!

I just thought this was too sweet!

Here's my baby, she was looking through the fence at goats but I zoomed in on her sweet little face!

Here are all these girls, Syd, Lyd, Jess, Eva and Linds. They are on the smallest bench and I dont think Syd was enjoying the limited seating.

These are some of my fav pics, to get Lyds to smile my aunt was acting like a loon, but I appreciated just for the little grin she made Lyds have!! Plus these pics of big sis Lindsay pulling our wagon of pumpkins and Lyds are too cute!

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