Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lem-M-ade stand and garage sale.

So we finally decided to get rid of our baby stuff, does that mean we are 100% done, depends on who you talk to. But either way the baby stuff is gone, we really needed the storage in a bad way and now we have room and 10 empty rubbermaid totes.
The girls had a lemonade stand (Or if you ask Lindsay it is lem-M-ade) since they aren't great pourers we bought a case of water and flavor tubes. They ended up making $5.50, the .50 was a donation from someone who didnt want the drink.
The garage sale did well when all was said and done we cleared about $450, after subtracting the $40 for the ad (man newspaper ads are pricey).
Even after getting rid of a good amount I took 8 bags to a local thrift store & a giant box of kitchen stuff, 9 bags of maternity/baby clothes to the local crisis preg. center and 3 bags of toys to a local church for prizes in the Decatur Celebration Zids Zone. And still I have 1 box of books and bags in the garage that didnt fit in the car when I was going to the charity places.
Glad it is over, man they are tons of work!

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Lorie said...

How cute that they had a Lemonade stand! We need pictures!!

Garage Sales are always so much work, but always so worth it when you get rid of old stuff!