Saturday, March 28, 2009

Old Parties... (Lindsay)

I have planned a whopping 6 b-day parties for my kids. I am sure that at some point I will just decide to throw a wal-mart cake at them and call it good, but hopefully they are over friends parties before that happens!!


Sesame Street....(their nursery was SS also, I love me some Sesame St. gang) This party has the least themed stuff, my MIL made the goody bags on her embrodier and my mom did the cake, I made the cute cupcakes!

Here's our mom's group in attendance at Lindsay's first b-day, Brooke the really tall one has a job at the hospital so we dont see her anymore and the other four of us, along with others still hang out 4 years later :D

Miss Linds eating her cake, sorry it's sideways.

the AWESOME Bert and Ernie cake!

My cupcakes! We had some really blue tounges after eating Cookie Monster.

Cute goody bags!


Lindsay's 2nd b-day was a zoo theme, and I realized when pulling up these pics that I didnt get very good ones. I do have better ones of her eating cake, but the aren't the correct way. I had really cute reuseable zoo bags and zoo sippers, hats, stickers and tons of other stuff. I am sad I dont have a pic!

Here is her giraffe cake, with Tootsie Rolls antlers (or whatever a Giraffe has)

Here is the b-day girl with her presents!

Zoo animal cupcakes!

Not wanting her pic taken eating her cake!

Third B-day is the first time Lindsay picked a theme. This year it was Curious George, and honestly I was thrilled with that because I actually like George, I can sit and watch his show, he is much better than some other shows kids like.

We had cute Monkey Brownie Cupcakes with Nutter Butter ears and vanilla wafer noses.
Georgie cake, it is the same pan that made last years Giraffe.
We borrowed my brothers small bounce house, the kids loved it.

Lindsay eating her cake and smiling for her 3rd b-day pic!

Some snacks. We had Georgie's all over but I dont have pics of them.
Pinata hanging from the tree!

Pinata loot!!

Cute little 7 month old Lydia!! I miss those chubby thighs!

4th b-day was Care Bears which you have seen, but I will link :D

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