Monday, March 30, 2009


Alright, I have way too many sprinkles. I love to whip up a batch of sugar cookies or cupcakes and let my kids go to town sprinkling everything up!

They love it and I love to watch them, plus eating the creations is a bonus (unless my butt starts to grow).

I had so many containers that my spice cabinet was hazardous to open, you never knew if sanding sugar or non-pairels were going to knock you on the head. I had to come up with a solution. And free is always preferrable!
We got a spice rack for our wedding (8 years ago) and more than half the spices were unopened and clearly expired. I had no use for dill weed, mustard seed and other unknown spices. I used garlic, parsley and pizza seasoning, the other 13 were brand new. I trashed all the contents and washed up the rack and bottles and filled them with every color of the rainbow in sugar!

I still need to make little circle labels for the tops, but for now I am thrilled with how pretty the bottles look on my counter and bonus when it is time to decorate a treat I just have grap the whole rack and the girls can spin til they see what floats their boats!

I have 3 empty bottles (well 2 now, I filled up one after I took the pic) and I have my eye on a few sprinkles at Hobby Lobby!
And because she's adorable here is my little sous pastry chef!

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