Monday, March 30, 2009

Wizard of Oz...

Okay I have been whipping up a handful for prototype invites. I would love if you'd leave me a comment on which you like the most and if you have any ideas for a different version or something to make these versions better!

There are 3 pics of the first. First I will say that I stole the general idea from a good friend who made an adorable Pirate invite for her little boy using SU stamps. I of course whipped out my cricut. After many looks through the Paper Doll Dress Up book I came up with this. The little charm is a shrinky dink with a green witch that I made.
I also used Animal Kingdom for the little Toto. I also realize that she needs some socks, I forgot those.
This is how the card opens, I cut the card out with my Wild Card Cricut Cart. If you dont quite get how it works from the pic picture how you close a box by folding in opposite flaps. The card works the same way.

Number 2 is the whole gang made with PDDU cart. That took some time and needs some fine tuning, but you get the idea. If I go with this design I need to find a brick pattern embossing plate, I dont feel like drawing in all those bricks 20 times.

Card three was my original idea, mainly because I am in love with my SU scallop punch. the shoes are from Cricut too.

I found this paper at a scrapbook store and bought like 8 sheets of it, thinking I might do something with it for the party, not really sure about that now?? Again I used my SU scallop circle and a Lots of thoughts stamps.

This one needs something, i am thinking orange poppies or something. The yellow sleeve slips off and the card opens like a gate. I cut teh shoe out of the paper I used above.

Thanks for any input, I did buy like 6 sheets of Wizard of Oz stickers at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off, so I have to figure out how to use them in the Thank you cards!


Leigh said...

I really like #1 and I love #2.

I would use the one with the red shoes and scallop punch for the Thank You cards.

Sara F. said...

Wow! You never cease to amaze me! Leigh and I are on the same page with the simple shoe/scallop for a thank you card. It's either #1 or #2. I would let Lynds choose between those two.

Sara F. said...

I asked my own little decision makers. Parker likes the first two. Jack says #2.

TxScrapAddict said...

I really little number three. Then I asked my DD...she agreed. Number three!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I LOVE #2, but I know that's A LOT of time and work to make just one...much less all the invites. All of them are darling! I'd probably go with #3 if it was me, because it seems a little less time-consuming, yet adorable. Good luck!

Lorie said...

First of all they are all REALLY cute! I love the one with all of the characters, but honestly my favorite is the second to last with the die cute ruby slippers. Plus it looks like it might be the easiest too!

But you should definitely use the different characters to make decorations for the party. I see them as place cards or decorations for the goody bags!

Christi said...

I like #3 best.

For 20 invitations that will be thrown away, why go to all the work of #1 and #2.
Save those paper doll designs for your scrapbook pages of the party.

stampwithclara said...

I like #2 although it's also the most work. It's super cute though.