Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Smores Revisited

I still haven't tasted them yet, man is Lent over yet??

I did however create them in cute little Target pails. I think I like them better than the ones I posted from google images. I think they are adorable, if I do say so myself!

They were super easy. I did change the directions a tad.

1. I took the graham cracker crumbs and mixed the brown sugar in with them. I put all that in a ziploc.

2. Then I placed a cellophane goody bag in the pail.

3. The ziploc went in next in an upright position.

4. I placed the M&Ms around the ziploc.

5. I placed 8 peep bunnies standing up on top of the M&Ms.

6. I gathered the cello bag around the peeps and secured with the twist tie and curling ribbon.

*Hint you must place all the stuff in the cello bag while the bag is already in the pail.

I changed the directions for baking a tad as well. Instead of it ending up as a messy mixture, I turned it into more of a smore pie. You mix the crumbs/sugar mixture with butter and vanilla and then press into a pie plate or small square pan. Then sprinkle the M&Ms and cover those with the whole peeps.

Here is the original post just for your info :D

(Notice Lydia behind the pails eating a peep... I think she is going to turn into a big blog of sugar.

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Sara F. said...

LOVE, love, love these! Leave it to you to make them even cuter!