Friday, April 17, 2009

This cant be right can it?

This baby is going to Kindergarten? No way.

Yesterday was the parent's meeting at the school Lindsay will go too on August 18th. I think I almost cried like 3 times, then I got to thinking about Lydia going in 3 years and that made me want to cry even more.

I know she is ready and I know she will love it, but it breaks my heart just a little bit to imagine her heading off and spending the greatest part of her day away from me.

The teachers all seemed really nice and I am excited to find out which teacher she will have and how I can help that teacher out (what a lucky teacher to get me and my cricuts to help her out... ha ha ha).

So there will probably be a lot of tears from me and probably none from Lindsay in the coming months.

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Sara F. said...

I feel your pain. Check out my post from 2 years ago: