Thursday, April 2, 2009

The next Venus and Serena?

Eric played tennis all through highschool and college, so he is convinced that he is going to teach the girls tennis (as well as soccer). More power to him, I was the least athletic child growing up so if my girls have some coordination I hope they rock at whatever sport they might choose.

Anyway, for Lindsay's 4th b-day Eric got her a tennis racket with Dora, well a few weeks ago he dragged it back out and took the girls outside to take turns.

Take turns... ha ha ha ha NOT. That didnt work, there was a fight and off we headed to Target for another racket. Thankfully they had another Dora, however this one is a tad different and now the fight over the new one. UGH you cant win with kids, really.

Eric put a little eye hook through a ball and hung it from the tree, now they take turns whacking the ball and we try really hard to keep them far enough away from each other so that no one gets a concussion.
and yes Lindsay is in the backyard in her pajamas, and the pants aren't even her's they are Lyd's!

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