Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Potty trained?

Lydia started showing interest in Potty Training (well mainly in panties) last week, so we headed to Walmat and she picked out some Dora panties.

I explained to her that Dora doesnt like to get tinkled on and she promised not to tinkle on her. Well, amazingly she has done super dooper! We headed out last night to eat pizza and that was the first time I let her leave the house in panties. I came armed with an extra pair of pants and panties but we didnt need them. Twice she said she needed to go and she did!

We came home with dry panties and I only put a diaper on her at night, for the last 2 nights she has woken up and insisted on going potty in the middle of the night. So she is really getting the hang of this whole potty thing!

I understand that she may just up and decide that it isnt worth her effort and revert back to diapers, but for now I am excited to have to less and less poppy diapers to change!
Here are a few pics of my baby growing up too fast, also it should be noted that she refuses to use the potty chair and is only happy using the big potty!
And because I dont want to offend I will note that there are no nakey bits showing!


Teri said...

Yay. That is awesome.

wholarmor said...

How exciting!