Monday, April 27, 2009

Grandma J's visits!

Grandma J's (or Daddy's grandma according to the girls) came from Nebraska to visit. Just like any grandma she brought the girls presents and of course they were super excited.

After presents we played outside and heard a sound that brings joy to any child! The ice cream man was making his rounds, this was their first time ever buying popsicles! They still havent finished the giant popsicles, they had a few licks and I popped them in the freezer and they have since been forgotten.

While Grandma was visiting Eric smoked a brisket, yumminess! Everyone loves that including the girls.

We also went out on a bike ride/walk. It didn't turn out like we hoped, Lydia ran to Grandma and Grandma scooped her up and immediately tripped on an uneven sidewalk square and down they went. Lyd hit her head on the sidewalk and wouldn't stop crying and she wouldn't allow us to sit her up. She cried hard for a solid hour and then we finally headed off to the hospital for her first (and hopefully last CT). Her head was clear Thank God, it did grandma and mommy a ton of good just to have her checked!

So that is all the happenings of Grandma J's visit!

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