Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The Easter bunny came to see us and the girl's were super excited. Lindsay woke up on Easter morning and said "Mommy, I was laying in bed telling myself how excited I was that the Easter bunny had left stuff for me, so I had to get up and see what he brought, but I had to stop and pee first".

Kids crack me up.
Anyway, that silly bunny had dropped off 2 baskets of goodies with very little candy, they had gotten plenty from the massive egg hunt the day before.

Lindsay got 7 Wizard of Oz jibbitz for her crocs, a Littlest Pet shop set a Dorothy magnet, a Peek a boo petite Glinda doll and a few small things.

Lydia got 7 pair of Dora panties since she is all potty trained (Go Lydia Go), 5 Dora jibbitz, a tiny soccer set and her own small pet shop set along with a few tiny things :D

After they investigated their baskets we got ready for church and they looked adorable in their dresses! They look so grown up, Lindsay was so excited to wear her white high-heels. By the end of church she took them off, she learned quickly that wearing high heels is no fun at all :D

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Sara F. said...

They are so pretty!!!