Saturday, June 6, 2009

Garage sale finds!

So yesterday and today the girls and I headed out for garage sales. Oh how I love this time of year!! We found lots of great things, some things are ready to go and some need a little attention to make them work for us.

I swung by a local church and they had all the clothes marked 10cents. I got 1 pair of Old Navy capris, a pair of DKNY jeans, 2 WM capris, 1 pair of Silver jeans, a brand new Old Navy shirt and a shirt for a scarecrow for 70cents! Sweet!!

I got Lyds 4 new swimsuits, Disney princess, Dora and Land's End for 25cents each. I never buy adult swimsuits, that's gross, but I figure little kids wear swimmie diapers and these all look barely worn!

Here is a raggedy Disney princess dress. I (or Lydia) needs it for the fabric on the skirt. I paid $1 for it and the tuelle I found at the store was $6.99 a yard. My mom and I are going to deconstruct and form a new Glinda dress for Linds' Wizard of Oz party. Isn't the tuelle just perfect!!!

These candleholders were $2 for the set, I am either going to paint them black and put them on top of my fridge or they are going to go in the center of my dining room table.

Here is a pile of Little People animals and Noah. they were 10 cents each (so $1.50)

The girl's fav find of the day a Bitty Baby trike. I paid $5 and they sale for $20+ on Ebay and $10 to ship the little heavy sucker.

2 black shelves that already match the shelves in my living room, not sure what I am doing with them exactly but for $1 I bought them (they are $29.99 at Kohls)

Ugly, ugly book ends for 50cents, they are getting revamped soon!

Another set of bookends for the girls playroom when it gets redone. They were a whopping 10cents and who do you suppose they look like (did you guess Toto?). They are getting slightly updated soon! And may even come into play at the WoO party!

Even uglier bear bookends, They are sturdy adn those ugly bears are going bye bye! 50cents for the pair!

Just a general pic. I got a Rachel Ray 365 cookbook for $1.

clothes for Lindsay! All size 4T, which she doesnt even wear yet. but they are all Children's Place and Gymbo (3 two piece sets, 2 shirts, 1 dress, 3 jeans, 1 short and 1 sweater) $20. I figure that the 7 gymbo pieces alone would have been $100.

I did buy one ugly as sin blue wall shelf, it is getting an update and will hopefully look way different and be worth the $1 I spent on it! Plus it will hold a very special selection (that's Linds speak for Collection).


Sara F. said...

You did get some good buys! I'm so glad you found some animals for "God's Boat" since Lindsay likes it so much. ;-)

~~Carol~~ said...

All great finds, but the doggie bookends is my favorite!

Joan said...

Clothes for 10 cents? Sure could spoil you for the mall!!!!!!!! Great finds Happy thrifty Monday.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

You brought home quite a haul of stuff. Good for you & thanks for joining the party.

Cathy said...

You got some great finds! The gymbo caught my eye immediately LOL I'm nuts about it for both my girls' if I find it at yard sales or salvation army I nab it up and eBay it off then can buy my girls' sizes :) sometimes I get lucky and find their sizes at the yard sales but for the most part i gotta stick with ebay or retail