Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ode to a power sander...

This is my new BFF, my husband's Black and Decker Cyclone sander. I am currently repainting my backed bar stools to go along with my kitchen makeover.
One was white and the other were all oak. Long story as to why. Anyway, the first 2 I decided to hand sand, let me just say that was a mistake. It took forever and still I didn't do that great of a job, I am praying that the primer keeps the paint from peeling :D
I finally got brave and be bopped out to the garage to the cabinets filled with all sorts of manly tools. My in-laws always get Eric tools for holidays, b-days etc. Well a while ago (2 summers ago I think) Eric bought a Black and Decker cyclone sander.

I pulled that puppy right out and went to town on the remaining two bar stools. It was like the angels were serenading me. This little thing makes the sanding soooooo much easier. You can switch between a circle sanding pad, great for flat surfaces or a more rectangular one with a pointy tip to get into those little grooves.
My hands do get a little shaky, but it is just the right size and isn't hard to handle.

So that is my ode to my BFF! I will hopefully have bar stools posted soon, I have one more chair to go and it is 2/3 sanded, but Lindsay told me to stop she was sick of the noise!

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