Thursday, June 11, 2009

Revamped Book Ends

So I spied than adorable set of A-Z bookends at Hobby Lobby, and actually after further inspection I am even unsure if they are bookends or are just decorative statues. They were $16 per letter, and I really wasn't going to pay that. I supposed sooner or later they'd go an sale but for the life of me I can't figure out what catergory they'd fall under.

Last Saturday Lydia and I headed out to some garage sales and found 3 pair of bookends. One pair had ratty and torn teddy bears (not to mention dusty as all get out) on them, but they were pretty sturdy.

I bought a pair of A and Z letters were on sale at Hobby Lobby and made them $3 for the pair.
Then I removed the bears and tossed them away and then I sanded and painted the books black.

I also painted the letters black and then hot glued them together! They look pretty nice up on top of my fridge holding up my cookbooks. Especially my new favorite book "Hello Cupcake" totally cute book!!

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Sara F. said...

Adorable! You need to find a linky party to show these off! I bought the Hello Cupcake book for my sister but I might just have to keep it for myself!