Monday, June 15, 2009

From this to that....

I have been on the hunt for something that would work for Lyds to wear as Glinda's hat for the Wizard of Oz party. The crown is very oddly shaped and I knew I would have to be creative to make something work.

I found this little tin flower pot at the Dollar Tree and thought that I might be able to work with it. I really liked that the pot had some embossing already done.

First I studied a scrapbook paper with a close up of Glinda and her crown. Then I had to make a template to trace on to the flower pot. Here the pot is with the template traced onto it.

Nothing from my crafting stash worked to cut through the tin so I had to find hubby's metal snips in the garage. Even with them it was a bear to get through the top rounded edge, once I snipped that off it was easy to cut out the rest.

I tried to paint it with some acrylic paint but that wasnt working at all. I ended up popping over to Walmart and getting a can of silver paint. I gave it one good coat and then I had to solve the issue of sharp edges.

The next step was soooooo tedious. I had to take really tiny pieces of masking tape and carefully line them up and fold them over the sharp edges. Once that was done I coated the crown in another coat of silver to cover the tape and to cover any missed spots.

To give it one final dash of sparkle I added lots of silver and clear Stickles (that's glitter glue in case you didnt know).

I also added a white organza ribbon to tie under Lyd's chin. I actually think I am going to add elastic instead and no-slip drawer liner to the bottom to aid in keeping it on Lyd's head.

I am pretty proud how it turned out, I do wish it had some dangling bling in the front like Glinda does in the movie, but I think that would irritate Lyds and I am just praying that she wears it at all :D


Lorie said...

That turned out SOO CUTE! You are such a good mom! I would have just made one out of poster board! :P

Creative Junkie said...

omgosh, that is THE best crown I have ever seen! Holy smokes, you are creative!

Sara F. said...

The lengths you will go to for authenticity crack me up! LOVE it!