Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Counters part deux

We redid them and they worked! Whoo hoo, they worked.

Eric and I did them together this time and we were very particular during the process. I painted them myself and then together we measured and timed and mixed and mixed and mixed.

It's amazing what following the directions will accomplish!

Here are a few before pics... Boring white counters, they had lots of stains. I bleached them all the time and still some stains remained. After Sara did her counters I knew that it was the solution for us.

All told my kitchen makeover is about $78. I have a few other things planned but you can see a sneak peek of how it is all coming along.

I have a window treatment in the works, as well as a bar stool update (long story as to why one is white and the others arent) and a wall treatment in mind. Those are in the works and I will show you those when I get them done.

Here is a break-down of costs (I am not counting the first screw up $, becasue well that would stink).

$60 gallon of Enviro-tex at Menard's
$4 fabric at Hobby Lobby (for window treatment)
$6 in paint (for counters as well as sprinkle rack, knife block, canister lids, salt and pepper shakers)
$5 flower pot for utensils (it matches my Kitchenaid perfectly).
$3 new black paper towel holder (originally $13 at Wal-mart... who pays $13 for a paper towel holder?)

Here is an overall shot. ( I do have plans for the 3000 kitchen magnets)

Here is the corner where out little TV goes as well as the black painted knife block.

The other corner, home of my third child, my Kitchenaid, as well as the aforementioned flower pot, my canisters with newly painted black lids and my sprinkle rack.

One of my favorite things... My sprinkle rack. It makes me smile!

Here is a close up of the counters. Amazingly this section of counter worked the first time. Who knows why.

And finally another whole kitchen view.


Mindy said...

Wow the counters look fabulous! I am trying to convince my mom to do this.

Sara F. said...

I'm so glad it worked out this time! Don't you just love them! I need to see them in person!

Lorie said...

It looks SO GOOD! You did a great job. I am going to post about them (yours and Sara's) tomorrow!!

Thena said...

I never knew that was possible. I hate my countertops. And weird thing when I saw pictures of your kitchen. It looks exactly like mine. Window over the sink, fridge and stove in the same place with the little bar even. Never seen someone that had the same exact one as me.

Laura said...

Wow that looks fantastic! Do you have the instructions you followed?

The Adventure of Linds and Lyds! said...

Laura--- I copied my friend Sara. Here is her blog link for April. She has lots of posts with FAQ's and helpful hints.

Casii said...

That looks absolutely amazing! Mine are getting little scrap scuffs from utensils and dishes, plus a few stains. Maybe someday!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you could paint countertops like that, they look great!

Carli said...

My Mom in law stumbled upon your blog today and emailed it to me right away, our coutnertops are 1950's originals to this house we just bought! yikes! Thanks for the great before and after pictures!

Tania said...

I so need to do this! My kitchen is yellow and green and I have blue grey laminate counters. I just showed DH and he's very interested!!