Sunday, May 24, 2009

My mom rocks!

She doesn't even read this blog, but I thought I'd post about her for the 10's of people that do read the blog.

I am just amazed at her awesomeness. She is an amazing person and a fantastic grandma, my kids (and neices/nephews) are so lucky.

My mom always steps in to help others when they need it, she volunteers for those less fortunate and she is just an all together great person.

What prompted this post you might ask?

Backstory... every week she watches American Idol and immediately following my niece, Jessica, calls grandma up and they chit chat about the preformances, that all by itself is neat, but not the coolest part.

I talk to my mom a handful of times each day (so does my brother... I hope my kids want to talk to me that much) Anyway, during a recent coversation she was telling me how she bought my neice (9) a surprise.

She ordered American Idol Live Tour tickets for just she and my neice. What a fan-freakin-tastic grandma memory is that going to be. The funny part is, she isnt telling Jessica just yet, she is mailing her a copy of the seating chart for the concert and putting little {you are here} {grandma is here} arrows.

I hope my kids realize how amazingly lucky they are that their grandma loves them so much and does so much for them.

One funny thing she does for my kids is mails them garage sale money. They love garage sales and we head out every Friday or Saturday morning with me on my bike and them in their burley for good deals!

So here's to you mom, I love you and you ROCK!

Here is a pic for you of her with 4 of her 6 grandkids. Jessica, the recipent of the ticket, is holding Linds!

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Sara F. said...

Awww....that is adorable. My dad gives my kids "Mad Money" whenever we go out of town with strict orders that I can't tell them how to spend it. I love how my parents love my kids!