Saturday, May 16, 2009

Counter Update...

Sorry it's been so long. May is just pure chaos with soccer and the end of school and the girls wanting to be outside on bike rides or in the sandbox or in the water table.

Anyway, here is the update I was dreading posting. I was dreading it for 2 reasons. The first being that I didnt want to admit that I screwed up and second because I dont want to deter you.
So I painted my counters, just like my friend Sara, and they were gorgeous, I loved them.

Here is the bad part, I, unlike Sara, didnt mix the envirotex well enough. It is a chemical reaction so you have to have equal parts of the 2 containers that come in the box.
I waited and waited and they never set fully. The lady at Envirotex said I had to scrape and start over. At that point I was crushed, now I am ready to tackle it again.

My hubby wasn't too thrilled that they didnt work in the first place, mainly becasue he wasn't sold on the idea to start. He did his husbandly duty and helped scrape off the unset goo, which I might say was absolutely NO FREAKIN' FUN at all.

The counters are part-way back to normal, and I am ready to tackle it again. I asked for a Menard's Gift Card for Mother's Day (So romantic huh?) and now I am awaiting Menard's to have a bag sale where you get 10% or 15% off of what fits in the bag. I am hoping they have this sale next weekend for Memorial Day and if not I will probably just go ahead and do it.

So here is my advice to you.... MIX THE STUFF UNTIL YOU CANT MIX ANYMORE. Also I'd suggest measuring into a set of throw away containers before mixing together. The company says not to pour from the bottles because they might not be 100% equal, I know that Sara did dump from the bottle, because honestly that is what makes sense. But next time I am going to be hyper vigilante and measure the crap out of the stuff.
So I am hoping and praying that some heavy duty stirring & some Sara supervision will spell success in a few weeks.

I do have a some pics of the counters while wet and they sure were pretty.


Sara F. said...

We are so totally doing this again. They look soooooo good. Wet, but gooooood! Second time's a charm!

Lorie said...

Michelle! I am so sad that they didn't turn out because they look so good in that picture!!