Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yes, I am a terrible blogger...

I realize it has been months since I've blogged, but really we are rather boring around here so you didnt miss too much!

I am in the process of planning this little firecrackers 6th birthday (doesnt really seem possible). So you probably know how I loved to plan a kid's party so here's how we start!!

This year we are celebrating with a big ol' Pinkalicious Party. If you aren't familiar with Pinkalicious, it is a book about a little girl who makes pink cupcakes with her mom and eats so many of them that she turns pink. She goes to the doctor and her only option is too eat only green things, she doesnt and sneaks more pink cupcakes and turns red!

It is a darling little book, if you have a little girl in your life look at it for her!

Anyhow, any good birthday must start with a cute invitation.

I knew we wanted a cupcake and of course it had to be Pink! We hit my mecca (Hobby Lobby) and had to find the perfect papers for our paper cupcakes.

Lindsay spied a pack of pink cardstock with 5 shades of pink, none were Blush and Bashful though. We snagged that at half off (a whopping $2.50) and some pink swirly openstock on 50% off as well.

We got to work!

I whipped out my Sweet Treats cartridge. I wanted this cart so bad and got it around Thanksgiving, this is the first time I used it (I have problems, yes indeed)
I cut the cupcake out in solid pink and then cut it out again in white and once again in pink swirly paper. Then I cut the liner, one with lines and one solid.

I glued the front of the cupcake together first starting with the non-solid liner, then the solid liner, then the swirly and finallly white. Next I tured the whole shebang into a pocket by only attaching the pink cupcake with glue on the edges.

After my cupcakes were done, I cut out a much smaller cupcake and added a big red juicy cherry to it. The small cupcake has the party info and slips right into the big cupcake pocket. To get the details you pull up on the cherry and voila`!

Next Goodie bags! Whoo hoo, I got those suckers down early this year! Sweet!

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