Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Girly Goodie Bags!

Well this party is mostly girls, with only 4 of the greatest little boys ever invited!

I do have boyish goodie bags, but we will start with the girly ones, cause they rock!
Inside the goodie bags we have a mini PINK gumball machine, along with pink spree jelly beans, pink M&M's, pink princess tattoos, a small Littlest Pet Shoppe Jibbitz for crocs, a GIANT pink lollipop, pink candy lipstick, pink mini reese cups and a pink raspberry Ghiradelli chocolate. The best part of this goodie bag is a giant pink Daisy hair clip with a rhinestone center, along with a Pinkalicious pink hair extension clip (thank you Burger King for having these, and thanks for just selling them so I didnt have to eat your crappy food)
I packaged the whole shebang into a clear celophane bag and tied it shut and added the Daisy clip onto the outside!
Here is the side view with the darling Pinkalicious hair clip!