Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pink Clothes and Pink Guests!

You could never have a Pinkalicious Party without some pink clothes, lots of them!

I made 3 freezer paper tees and 2 giant pink tutus. Using the Cricut and some free hand painting the girls rocked it out in their Pinkalicious cupcake tees and the awesome thing is they can wear them again!

I didnt want to wear a giant cupcake tee so my is a little more sedated, it is Peace Love Cupcakes. This is in the mirror so it is flipped but you get the gist of it.

Here are some of the pink ensembles that are very girly guests decided to wear, I was so excited to see them all in pink they were all too too cute!

I just love this shot of Miss Lydia, she is just darling if I do say so myself!

This pic cracks me up, 3 little 6 year olds gossiping I am sure!

Group shot of all the pink divas that attended! We did have some little boys and they wore green put didnt want to pose for us!

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