Sunday, October 25, 2009

cancelled my gypsy!

I still would love to have one some day and I love the carts that come preloaded on it, but after reading reviews and then reading more and more reviews I came to the realization that this product has great possibilities but was released a smidge too soon. It has a lot of flaws, some in the programming and some with the actual construction (some people were missing things as basic as the USB port)

So someday when the bugs are worked out and the price drops I will get it, but until then hubby has decided it makes more sense to get a netbook and load my Cricut Design Studio on there. I like this plan because a netbook can do other things too :D

So now I am waiting on him to find the perfect one of these. Darn thing will probably be black, not an awesome pink or grrrn, but I'll deal.

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