Monday, October 5, 2009

Lindsay's fall T-shrit (made with cricut)

So after I made Lydia's witch's feet shirt Lindsay really wanted her own shrit. After I started making this one she told me she wanted a Halloween one not a fall one, well at this point she will get what she gets and not throw a fit. The Halloween one will be coming along sometime soon.

My friend Sara,, did this bulletin board for her son's teacher's classroom. Isn't it adorable.

She was inspired by this ad for Shaw Flooring,, so then I was inspired by her inspiration to create this shirt for Lindsay.

This is a one of a kind creation because sewing on all those leaves was very time consuming, plus I had to change the thread 5 times.

I think the shirt was worth it and hopefully Lindsay likes it!

I used George Oval 2 at size 1 1/4 to 2 inches and the tree is from Paper Doll at 10.5 inches Real Dial Size and the owl is 1 1/4 inches on shadow from one of the princess carts.

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Lorie said...

c-ute, c-ute- c-ute!!