Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Early Christmas AKA I'm such a sucker....

Cricut just released a new little toy called the Gypsy. I ordered it yesterday, I am trying not to think about what I spent, but what I saved (That's how my mom taught to me to look at sales :D )I used a coupon and got it for about 200 off (Or at least according to HSN's MSRP. Not that I'd ever pay that).
But it wont be here for a while, it has "extended shipping" but until then I will look forward to it!
The gypsy can hold your whole cart library, meaning I won't have to worry about lugging them to crops and you can create designs on the little screen by welding together shapes and letters.

It also comes with two carts already loaded, they are exclusive to the Gypsy and you can't get them anywhere else.

It also came with a new cart called, DESTINATIONS, I have no clue what's on it, I might love it, but if I dont I will try and get rid of it on Ebay and make a little of my money back :D

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Sara F. said...

You are a SUCKER and I, for one, am glad because I can't wait to see the Gypsy in action!