Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A little sad....

When I first moved here I didn't have any friends, I lived here well over a year before I finally found some friends. Having a new baby helped, it was a instant bonding type thing.

Anyway, I met this group of about 8 women and their babies and we became great friends, we have really bonded during this time and had all our second babies (and in some cases third) together.

Slowly but surely the group is moving on with other things in their lives, we have one that moved back to England, another that moved 2 hours away, one is now in Mexico and today I find out one is moving to another state (about 8 hours away).

So while I understand that life changes and we all move on, I will still take this moment to be sad and miss my friends.


Sara F. said...

You have me! Hang in there....I know how you feel!

Lorie said...

I am so sad! I know how that feels and I am glad you still have Sara!! ;D