Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Give me back my crown!

I suck at this blogging thing, so I need my "World's Worst Blogger " crown back! I get into a groove and then whamo I stop again! So I apologize for my suckiness!!!

I will blog today I promise!

However for when my suckiness abounds I will link you to some of the blogs I like to read, they are authored by people to don't suck at blogging ;D

But first I want to tell you about this contest at Cricut. I of course have a love for their carts and they just released #100. No, I dont have them all eventhough hubby thinks I do.

They are giving away 20 carts a week, you can post on this thread and get entered easy peasy!

This is the darling cart that is #100, it even has 3-D houses so you can make a cute little village!

Now here are some blogs I like to read...

So when my suckiness abounds you can read what I read :D

1 comment:

Lorie said...

If your husband only knew how much you deserve those cartridges! And not just because you are wonderful, but because you are one of the FEW people I know that actually USE your machine!! I think Cricut should GIVE you all the cartridges you don't have!!