Monday, August 25, 2008

Time Away!

Well ever since I had Lindsay on July 27, 2004 I have never left them. I did leave Linds with Eric and the In-laws when I had Lydia, but that was it.

Finally I left them, and BIG NEWS. I didnt cry! My brother, sis-in-law and Eric and I went to Cedar Point and rode some scary roller coasters. Seriously I wont be doing that again. I did console myself with the fact that little teeny weeny 8 year olds were riding the coasters and if they survived I should too, right?

Well I did survive and it was a lot of fun! Sleeping through the night was a big shocker. I dont think I had done that since around March of 04.

The girls survived too, they stayed at my brother's house with Grandma and all their cousins and had a great time. Lydia learned how to say "mamaw" which made my mom really happy!! She loved her grandma and was really good, until someone else would try to talk to her.

I was really happy to see them when I got back and Lydia was extra huggy and maybe it made them appreciate me a teeny bit more!

Her is a google image of the Top Thrill Dragster that I rode on (and survived... barely). It shoots you from 0-120 in 4 secs! Scary stuff! This is a google pic but you can see the 90* drop!

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