Thursday, August 7, 2008

The tale of 2 unicorns

These are Lindsay's two unicorns. One came from her daddy for Valentine's Day 2007 the other we found at a Garage sale for $2. Anyway, 1 of the unicorns the one on the right in the picture is gone. Lindsay took him/her (how do you tell on a unicorn) with us out shopping with Grandma M and we just cant find him/her.

I retraced our steps which included an insane Antique Mall (really I didnt see many antiques, if I owned it I would call it Mall of Crap, but Decatur already has a place called "Olga's House of Stuff" so maybe mall of crap wouldnt be different enough from that. Anyway, we searched the antique mall and came up empty handed. I have a gut feeling that he/she is hiding somewhere in that mall or else she/he fell out of the car when we got out of the car at some point. Try explaining to a 4 year old that the unicorn is gone, probably forever and you get a ton of tears and whines. So while she has been informed of the loss I dont mention it because the whine cuts through me like a knife.

So if you are out and about at garage sales, malls of crap or a Walmart with really, really, really old stock feel free to pick up a pink and white unicorn and I will pay you back.

RIP garage sale unicorn

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