Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Updated bar stools...

After I painted the counters, I realized that it made my mismatched bar stools stick out even more.

Here's the story of the mismatched bar stools. We bought our first house in June of 03, it had a island in the kitchen, we bought 3 matching barstools. We moved out of said house in November of 2003 (Eric was transferred), movers packed up our barstools and the ugly white dented one from the shed that the previous owners left there.

We used our 3 barstools forever and then little Lyds decided that she wanted to eat like a big girl and I didnt want to go drop $80 on a new stool. I got the white one out of shed and cleaned it up for Lyd and on we went with life.

The ugly one stuck out even more once I redid the counters, so I decided to paint them black. I tried spary painting and let me just say I suck at it. I get to close and I cant stand the smell and it's just not pretty.

I headed off to Ace and found some high gloss latex and we were in business. I sanded (sucky job) the chairs and started painting them.

I am very happy with how they turned out and I think they really bring the look together.

Here is a poor shot of the before chairs, but it is a nice shot of my counters :D

A couple of painting shots.

A poor shot of the finished products... but a good shot of my family :D


Sara F. said...

The chairs look great!

Andry said...

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