Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To Oz Part 3...

This segment is all about games and decor...

I came up with 3 games for this little shindig!

The kid's favorite and by far the funniest was the scarecrow races. I had purchased 2 pair of jeans, 2 plaid shirts and 2 straw hats (all at garage sales for 10 cents and the hats came from the dollar tree). I used 2 Aldi bags turned inside out for the heads.

I had tied the pants ends and sleeves ends together and the neck hole and head together. The kids divided up into two teams (it worked out well for boys and girls, plus they always love that). After deciding teams the kids had to stuff, stuff, stuff the pants and shirt full! I was worried they'd be a bit timid about the straw but man they jumped right in.

It was a close race and the hilarious part was when they tried to run their completed scarecrows down the yard and scarecrow guts popped out everywhere. I wish I could have gotten the video camera to cooperate, it was hilarious!! They tied and I had to rustle up more prizes!

The little boy running in the last scarecrow race pic is my friend Sara's little boy Jack, I am going to have to crop this pic for her, because the look on his face is priceless, he loved the race!

With my handy dandy Cricut, I made Dorothy but the big problem was that she was missing a ruby slipper, I am convinced that the Wicked Witch stole it, crazy old Mrs. Gulch. thankfully we had a lot of helpers ready to "Pin the shoe on Dorothy"

I had to laugh at little Glydia (that's Lydia dressed as Glinda) wouldn't step away, she was fascinated and almost got a shoe stuck to her a time or two.

The third game was easy peasy, I found some clear high-heels at the Dollar Tree. I bought one pack and tried to paint them and since it worked I headed back for more. Wouldn't you know that they didnt have anymore. I went to ten Dollar trees around here as well as all over Indy with my mom. Finally I found 5 more packs. I painted them red and then they weren't ruby slipper enough, so I went back over them with red glitter glue. Each kid guessed how many were in the jar and the answer was 34, my mom actually won with 32, but I didnt give her the giant lollipop, I let Mr. second place Nicholas win, with a guess of 40. My fav guesses were 3 and 600.

Onto Decor...

Here is our door sign, inspired by the one on the door when the gang arrives at Oz.

We had to have the Field of Poppies represented, so I bought a bunch of fake poppy flowers at Dollar tree and snipped them apart and poked them in my flower bed. I had planted real flowers here but stupid bunnies and birds ate them. I was going to plant real poppies in May, but clearly I am not that good of a planner, they would have had to have been planted way back in October. Darn. These will do though!
I told my friends I feel like one of those old ladies that can't garden any longer so they toss fake plants outside. There is a lady here that does that, her hydrangeas look fab covered in snow and oh so believeable.

Each kid was invited to make their own munchkin flower pot hat, they picked their pot and flower and myself or my neice glued it on for them.

the day before the party my neice and Linds/Lyds blew up and tied these rainbow colored balloons to our fence. I thought we'd do a little Roy G Bv, but amazingly the balloon pack had indigo and we could whip out a full on Roy G Biv! Wahooo!

This really isnt decor, but it's cute and I forgot to put it on the food post. I took regular old bottled water and made them new rainbow colored labels.

They say "Land of Oz water" Guaranteed to melt the Wicked Witch in your Life and Quenches a Yellow Brick Road size thirst. Bottled in the fresh springs of Oz.

I had 5 tables, one was munchkin sized!

This one just has Glinda tuelle, a wicked witch hat and broom and tons of McD's munchkins, witches and flying monkeys.

Here is the scarecrow table, he had the most stuff becasue scarecrow stuff is easier to find. It is covered in a burlapy type fabric. I made the little laminated one on my cricut.

Here is tin man, with 2 spray painted funnels and speakers that played the entire movie soundtrack. Covered in silver fabric.

Dorothy had Bitty Baby, cricut Dorothy, extra ruby slippers, a toto in a basket. Covered in blue gingham!

Clearly I took this pic on an angle of sorts, oh well, you get the idea. Lots of lion stuff and furry fabric!

A repeat of decor... the yellow brick road and the house squishing the Wicked Witch of the East. Her legs are tissue paper wrapped hangers (bent) and white tights with electrical tape around them!


Sara F. said...

Jack and Marina are too funny in that picture. I like the looks on all the other kids faces--especially Bella!
As I've said before, you are soooo detailed--I LOVE it!

Sara F. said...

I almost forgot, after seeing myself, I'd say it's time to head back to WW!!!!!!!!!!

Tot Play: A Learning Journey said...

You did a GREAT job planning this party. Everything looks amazing! I love the pin the shoe on Dorothy game. I am throwing my daughter a Wizard of Oz birthday party very soon (beginning of November) and would LOVE some advice about how to make the larger Cricut dolls. How big were your dolls? I have a Cricut but I am not very familiar with it and I am in dire need of help. I have the larger mat too but I am not sure what dimensions to cut. Please contact me at tlmswt2000(at)msn(dot)com if you could help a fellow blogger. Thanks a bunch! Oh ... and I LOVE the invites you decided to make!