Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lyd's 2nd b-day invites

Now i must say I have never been thrilled with Lyd being born near Chirstmas, I feel like a Christmas baby is in the unfortunate predicament of having their b-day over shadowed by Christmas.

Anyway, Grandma J says that it is okay because she and Lyd share the same b-day and she turned out a-okay.

I go a bit above and beyond for Miss Lyd's b-day because of this situation. This is a long winded attempt to explain why I made invites that had around 30 pieces/steps. Yep, 30. They took a long time, but turned out super dooper cute!

Here is the invite, and just in case you dont get it (as if) she is having a 50's sock hop party! Just wait til you see pics of the party and pics of the very special thing my friend Sara is making for us ( you are going to be so jealous)!

This is my proto type, the new ones have a bow in the girls hair and a scarf on her neck, becasue I know you care to know that!

Lyds wants to say HI.
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Sara F. said...

I'm feeling a lot of pressure to out-do myself now! Just the kind of challenge I love! ;-)

Kat(i)e said...

WOW!! You are so much more creative than I am. The extent of my creativity involves driving to the party store and letting them pick their invites out. I bow to you!!!