Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

For the last 2 years on Halloween Lindsay requests that we get a Jack-o-Lantern pizza from Papa Murphy's take and bake. She thinks they are hilarious and declicious. So we started our evening with a yummy (and super easy) dinner and headed out to trick or treat with our neighbor girls, Natalie (American Idol singer) and Gabby (ER doc).

We trick or treated lots of houses and the girls did a good job, Lindsay's unicorn costume did get a little heavy toward the end of the evening but she was a real trooper. The best part was that when we were done trick or treating we got home in plenty of time to hand out candy to a few kids ourselves!

We also lit up our nifty pumkins, you can't tell in the pic but the small one is on it's side with a stem for a nose!

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Lorie said...

That pizza is so cute! And the girls look great!